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The symbol of the bird

A bird is a symbol of a commitment and freedom at the same time. Within Feng Shui, the birds symbolize new opportunities, foretell the arrival of good news and also recognition of talents.

They are also seen as messengers from heaven, helping to fulfill our wishes. Bird wings epitomize the highest state of being, the power of the spirit and true will. Portrayed as a couple, they symbolize and thus support a happy partnership. Therefore, I believe that such canvas can not only be a beautiful memory, but also a constant reminder and support for happy partnership.

The Nightingale

Nightingales are among the most romantic birds. They became famous for their night songs, which served as an inspiration for countless number of poets and lovers. Nightingale is a symbol of brightening the human soul.

The high tones that the nightingale can give out are reminiscent of the high vibrations that a person can achieve by feeling love, not only for his partner, but also for life itself. Nightingale songs are often compared to songs of love and not only earthly but also heavenly love. Nightingale is a small bird that lives very secretly and only rarely appears on the outer branches.

It is its voice that speaks of its inner strength and presence here and now. Despite its indistinct coloration and overall inconspicuousness, nightingale symbolizes the beauty and power of the spirit in the most sincere essence. What is really inside of us it is the essential for our life fulfillment.

The nightingale teaches us that as well. Its movement is very elegant and harmonious. We can listen to the songs of this inconspicuous bird not only during the day, but also at night.

swan-art-bird-art-veronika .png

The Swan

Inner beauty, harmony and determination.

The symbol of swans often represents beauty and dreams. They are also symbols of love, devotion and partnership.

This is likely because swans are mates for many years, sometimes for life. Within Hinduism, the swans are represented as Hamsa bird. Two swans Ham and Sa pair together, swim around in the divine mind and live on honey from the blooming lotus of knowledge.

Grace and charm are not only a sign of a balanced life, but also the result of the ability to feel at home on several levels of reality. They show us that we are more than what we seem to be. We are physical and at the same time spiritual beings. We are, above all, souls who try what it is to be human.

A swan reveals the inner beauty. Their natural unforced beauty teaches us not to fight with life but to swim in the natural stream of life. When they rise above the water, they leave behind only barely visible circles on the water.

Swans do not dive in for food like other birds. They dip their long necks below the surface and once more emerge elegantly. Water is associated with intuition and emotions. We can learn from them how to look at our emotions without letting ourselves being trapped in

them. When choosing their partner, they gently lean their heads on each other and smooch also under the surface. They are very dedicated partners. We humans often commit to something we can't really adhere to. Swans point out to a greater respect for their own choice and perseverance of the chosen path. Swans are fast flyers, they wave their wings slowly but surely so that they last until they reach the finish line and do not exhaust themselves. Therefore, the swan, as a force animal, also represents endurance, which we can use when we also strive for something. The long swan neck bridges everyday reality with what is behind it. It is a bridge holding the necessary wisdom for spiritual realization.

hummingbird art veronika .png

The Hummingbird

The hummingbird symbolizes the enjoyment of life and lightness of being.  Apart from to powerful love symbols, hummingbirds are considered the messengers from heavens and the “ path openers" for passengers. They bring healing, joy, love and insight into eternity exactly where it is most needed.  

A hummingbird is a bird that is the only one that can fly backwards, sideways, and also hover in one place.  When it stops in the mid- air , its wings create a laying down figure eight - lemniscate - a symbol of infinity. The message of this interesting act is about stopping in time - a kind of overview in your life, a perception of the past, the future from some distance. Only in this way can we get out of the vicious circle of getting stuck in the past or building fairy castles in our future.

Hummingbird is helping us to look at our past and let go of everything we no longer need. If we are able to step back and take the position of an observer in our life, we can truly enjoy life more and thus achieve the lightness of being that the hummingbird reminds us of.


The Dove

Love, peace, harmony.

In its deep essence, the dove represents peace. In history, it is associated with even few maternal characters. In Christian art, we commonly see the dove together with Mary as a symbol of care, devotion, purity and peace. Doves are also messengers of the heart. They come to us when we need to remind ourselves of love, comfort, and hope.

Currently, in some regions still, two doves are being released during the wedding ceremony in order to confirm the freedom that will be shared in the couple from now on. The well-known symbol of two drinking doves symbolizes in Christianity the universal metaphor that only by immersing into the reality can we experience the sacred. In Christianity, the dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit but it is also connected with baptism. In Mesopotamia, doves were famous animal symbols of the goddess Inanna_Ishtar. Preserved lead figures of doves date back to the 13th century BC. and this is really significant evidence of the value of the dove as a symbol.

The Peacock

The peacock, one of the most beautiful animals on the Earth, is undoubtedly the embodiment of beauty and purity. The "eyes" on its feathers foreshadow good endings and symbolize the eye to our heart. When this bird, with its eccentric beauty, appears in your life it brings energy of peace and love. Not only the love you give to others but also the love you give to yourself. It guides you to the path of self-love, balance, determination and confidence.

The peacock is not only a symbol of beauty, but also appears in several religions as a spiritual symbol of immortality, grandeur and long life for Buddhists and resurrections for Christians. Due to its fan-shaped distribution of feathers on its tail, it was a symbol of the sun, light and perfection. Since it renews its beautiful feathers every year, it is also associated with the endless cycle of life, with the natural cycle of the earth and everything living. Because of this particular act it symbolizes the resurrection for Christians.


The Toucan

Toucans are very social birds. They often represent the power of socialization and community. However, their meaning is much deeper when you surround yourself by people you love. Toucans dream of traveling to distant lands, but mostly in search of life's adventures, they stay close to home.

When Toucans appear in your dream in pair, it predicts the arrival of a lifelong partnership in which you will achieve great goals together. According to the ancient Incas, the toucan was a symbol of wisdom. It was a very spiritually based sign, which also speaks of success by keeping an internal order and a strong internal settings. Also the Incas spoke about great loyalty in relationships in connection with the toucan, that the toucan knows exactly what he wants and what he doesn't.

toucan bird art veronika.png
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